ICONS Alumni, Partners and Sponsors (ICAPS) Forum

After ten years of hosting ICONS in the UK, we have garnered a wide range of support and participation from students, partners and sponsors, most of which have relocated back to Nigeria or are now or have been based in Nigeria. The rationale for hosting ICAPS Forum in Nigeria include:

  1. Platform for discussions, sharing of experiences, case studies, success stories of ICONS Alumni who have done great and amazing things upon their return back to Nigeria and how attending ICONS in the UK might have contributed to those successes.

  2. Platform for potential collaboration on new innovative programmes and schemes in partnership with folks who have already experienced the impact that ICONS have made.

  3. A forum for garnering support and engaging with potential sponsors for future TISCA-ICONS event in the UK.

  4. A platform to let UK Universities interact with their Nigerian Alumni who are also ICONS Alumni and to also promote their activities through paid marketing slots at the Forum.

  5. A platform for helping UK Universities recruit Nigerian students for them through our strategic forum.

A forum to expand the profile, relevance and reputation of Xn Foundation and ICONS to the Nigerian country, strategic key stake-holders and potential sponsors with an interest in the UK market or the Nigerian Diaspora community.