The International Students Conference for Africa (TISCA)

Over the years, we have established a model for the hosting and organisation of ICONS as an event. Our clear strategy to empower the host institution enough to manage the entire event while Xn Foundation maintains a supervisory role, has become effective.

Going forward, we wish to incorporate ways of increasing the impacts of the event on participants and developing our resources further. Also, since we have a clearer understanding that this model works, the proposed strategy is to develop a franchise model on how this can be organised held under the following three premises:

  1. To intentionally and strategically invite African students to the event under the TISCA-ICONS brand cover. So the next ‘Official ICONS Conference” would be called TISCA.

  2. To contact different London based High Commissions of African countries through proposals to help organise a TISCA version specifically for their countries. i.e. for Ghana, it would be tagged ‘TISCA Ghana Event’.

  3. To try to expand TISCA to other countries outside the UK through strategic partnerships with Universities or Diaspora Groups in those countries.